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Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies
June 2022PTNCE Conference - Workshop and a new deadline

Dear PTNCE members and supporters,

Join PTNCE'22 and attend the pre-conference workshop on visual stimulus creation and computation, including face stimuli!

Learn how to prepare visual stimuli and how to measure them effectively using TPS software (based on the Geometric Morphometric approach).

We are also extending the ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE for you to 30/06/2022!

See you all in Gdańsk.

With the best wishes,

Boguslaw Pawlowski

March 20228th Conference of PTNCE

8th Conference of the Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies (PTNCE) will be held in Gdańsk/Sopot between 14th and 17th of September 2022.

More information: PTNCE page, Organisers' page.

September 20217th Conference of PTNCE

7th Conference of the Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies (PTNCE) was held online between 14th and 17th of September 2021.

Plenary lectures were delivered by: David Buss, Ben Jones, Marek Konarzewski i Cristine Legare.

More information

Videorecording of the plenary lectures

January 2021The Professor Jan Strzałko Award

We are pleased to announce that PTNCE Award Committee has selected Jitka Fialová (Charles University, Praha) as the 2020 winner of the Professor Jan Strzałko Award.

More information

May 20202020 PTNCE Conference is cancelled / postponed

Dear PTNCE members and supporters,

We have been markedly silent on the topic of this year’s PTNCE conference, which has been planned to be held in autumn in Białystok. The reason is, unfortunately, all to obvious to everyone currently living through this pandemic. The future of how things develop is highly unpredictable and we had hoped that, if we hold off making any decisions, the situation in autumn will become clearer. Unfortunately, even now, it is impossible to plan for what the situation will be. It is far from clear that it will be possible to get the plenary speakers to Białystok in September, both because of the potential lack of flights or the price of tickets and the very real possibility that borders may remain shut. The same is true for other potential participants from outside of Poland, including our friends in Prague. Indeed, given the possibility of a resurgence of the epidemic in the coming months, it may well be the case that large gatherings, such as we would wish PTNCE 2020 to be, may not be held legally in autumn. Even in the best case scenario that all of these difficulties do not eventuate, there is the possibility verging on certainty that an event held this autumn would attract a dramatically smaller audience. It is therefore that we have decided to simply reschedule the PTNCE conference till the autumn of 2021. We will be informing you all of the new dates of the event at the appropriate time. In the meanwhile, we hope that everyone is safe and well and able to study the impact of communicative diseases upon the evolution of human physiology and behaviour.

PTNCE Steering Committee

September 2019The number of our bank account has been changed

Please note that the number of bank account of our society has been changed.

Currently it is: 29 1140 2004 0000 3902 7915 3954

More information.

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