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Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies


The dynamic development of disciplines which approach various problems from the evolutionary perspective (such as evolutionary anthropology, evolutionary psychology, behavioural and evolutionary ecology of humans, evolutionary medicine, evolutionary linguistics or literary Darwinism, etc.) inspired us to establish a scientific society that focuses brings together scientists interested in the evolution of human morphology and physiology as well behaviour and preferences.

In this way the Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies was born, whose main aim is to join scientists and students of all fields interested in applying the evolutionary perspective to the study of biology, ecology, behaviour and human culture. Since our motto is: Evolution is the key to understanding humans, we strive to create a platform of debate on evolution and to break the barriers of traditional divisions between different sciences about humans.

The Society’s logo – four letters which form an acronym of the Society’s name in Polish (PTNCE) – represent the human face. The logo is multi-coloured to stress the multi-disciplinary (interdisciplinary) character of the Society.

We invite you to read the Society’s Mission.