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Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies

Other events

As a satellite event of Evolang XII Conference (16-19 April 2018, Toruń), on April 15 a PTNCE session took place with following speakers: Rui Diogo and three PTNCE members – Katarzyna Rogalska-Chodecka, Piotr Podlipniak and Marek Placiński:

Rui Diogo (Howard University USA): Links between Evolutionary Developmental Pathology, the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis, Systems biology, Behavior and Language: a unifying view of life and human evolution

Katarzyna Rogalska-Chodecka (UMK Toruń): How to get rid of linguistic bias in iterated learning experiments with human agents?

Piotr Podlipniak (UAM Poznań): The Baldwin effect as a possible mechanism in the evolution of human music

Marek Placiński (UMK Toruń): Word order in conversation

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