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Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies

Conference 2014

The First Conference of Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies (PTNCE) was held on 23-25 October 2014 in Wrocław. The conference was entitled Humans in the Evolutionary Perspective and was organised by PTNCE and the Department of Human Biology at University of Wrocław. The Conference was held in Collegium Anthropologicum in Kuźnicza 35 Street, building D1 of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics.

The Organising Committee was chaired by Prof. Bogusław Pawłowski, Head of the Department of Human Biology at the University of Wroclaw.

Nearly 80 participants from different countries took part in the conference, but a majority of them came from Poland, the Czech Republic and the UK (there were also participants from Germany, and even Australia). The conference had a thoroughly interdisciplinary character. This was due to the fact that the aim of PTNCE is to associate researchers from different scientific disciplines who are interested in the evolutionary perspective in research in biology, ecology, and human culture and behaviour.

The conference was opened in the Hall of Leopoldin by Vice Rector for Scientific Research and International Cooperation, Prof. Adam Jezierski.

Plenary lectures were delivered by: David Perrett, Ruth Mace and Chris Stringer.

David Perrett is professor of psychology at University St Andrews (UK), where, among other duties, he leads a team which studies face recognition and perception of facial attractiveness (Perception Lab). He is one of the most distinguished contemporary psychologists who apply the evolutionary approach in their research. His portrait is placed among the greatest British scientists in London’s National Gallery.
Ruth Mace is professor of evolutionary anthropology at University College of London (UCL), where she leads a team studying human evolutionary ecology. Her scientific interests include evolutionary demographics, history of life strategies, phylogenetic approach towards culture and language, investigating social systems, cooperation and competition within a family and different social groups.
Christopher Stringer is professor at the Natural History Museum in London, where he conducts research into the origins of modern humans. He is one of the main proponents of the “Out of Africa Theory of the origin of modern humans.

Zasadnicza część referatów i plakatów była w języku angielskim (tylko dwa referaty i jeden plakat były w języku polskim). Prezentacje naukowe zostały podzielone na siedem tematycznych sesji, obejmujących następujące obszary:

  1. Antropogeneza, prehistoryczne i historyczne populacje.
  2. Ewolucyjne podejście do ludzkiej atrakcyjności.
  3. Ewolucyjna fizjologia i psychologia.
  4. Strategie rozrodcze i płodność.
  5. Zachowania społeczne z ewolucyjnej perspektywy.
  6. Kultura, ekonomia i prawo.
  7. Lingwistyka i ewolucja.

Ponadto 24.X.2014 odbyła się interesująca sesja plakatowa.

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Konferencja 2014.