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Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies

Regulations of the "Student Conference Attendance Award" competition
to cover the conference fee for students and PhD students for their participation
in the annual scientific conference, organized
by the Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies

  1. The "Student Conference Attendance Award" competition, hereinafter referred to as the "Competition", is organized by the Polish Society for Human and Evolution Sciences, hereinafter referred to as "PTNCE".
  2. The aim of the Competition is to cover registration fees for the scientific conference organized by PTNCE in the year of the edition of the Competition (hereinafter referred to as the "Conference"). The award will be allocated to up to 5 students.
  3. The Competition Regulations define the rules and procedure for awarding the funds described in paragraph 2.
  4. One Competition edition per year is planned, starting in 2022, until the Competition is terminated by the PTNCE Board.
  5. The information on each edition of the Competition – including deadlines for submitting applications and announcing the Competition results – as well as the application procedure and information on using and storing personal data of Competition Applicants, will be published together with the announcement of a given Competition edition on the PTNCE website.
  6. The local Conference organizer, in cooperation with the PTNCE Board, is responsible for the execution of the Competition and covering the costs resulting from its implementation.
  7. Eligible applicants are students and PhD students who are members of PTNCE and who are up-to-date on membership fee payments.
  8. Each application must be submitted by one person, the Applicant, who is the author of the abstract and intends to present a paper or poster on the topic described in the submitted abstract during the Conference.
  9. Course of the Competition:
    1. The applicant registers for the Competition when registering for the Conference. The exact form of submission will be defined and announced to registrants by the local Conference organizer of a given year. For the application to be valid, the Applicant must simultaneously submit an abstract to the Conference.
    2. From among the abstracts submitted for the Conference by the authors who have indicated their willingness to participate in the Competition, a maximum of five abstracts with the highest score resulting from the qualifying review determined by the local Conference organizer will be selected.
    3. In the event of two or more Participants scoring an equal number of points, the decision to select the Laureates among them will be made by the Competition Committee, consisting of a representative of the local Conference Organizing Committee and two Board members appointed by the PTNCE President.
    4. The list of Laureates will be announced on the PTNCE website. Decisions will be sent to all Applicants by e-mail to the address provided on the application form.
  10. Applicants cannot appeal against the decision of the Committee.
  11. Winners will be exempted from the conference fee, which will be covered by the local conference organizer.
  12. Settlement of the awarded funds occurs automatically when the paper or poster, corresponding to the submitted abstract for the Competition, is submitted for the Conference. The paper presented must meet the requirements established by the local conference organizer.
  13. Failure to complete the declaration of personal appearance at the conference will result in charging the Winner with the full costs of the financed conference fee, which may be dismissed at the discretion of the PTNCE Board provided the Winner submits a satisfactory justification for their failure to do so.
  14. PTNCE is entitled to change the provisions of these Regulations outside the period of the call for applications.
  15. PTNCE will inform the Participants of any change(s) in the Regulations by posting the new version on the PTNCE website.
  16. More information related to the competition can be obtained by contacting PTNCE e-mail address (ptnce@ptnce.pl).